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Andorra's Manifesto for the future of mountain cuisine


During the first edition of Andorra Taste and with the participating chefs and producers, the germ of the Andorra Manifesto for the future of mountain cuisine began to take shape, which has been presented in this second edition. 

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More than 50 chefs and producers who have taken part in the International High Mountain Cuisine Meeting during these two editions have already supported and signed it in order to raise awareness of the problems of mountain areas and commit themselves to working together for the future of natural environments and their inhabitants. 

This is the resulting manifesto:

The food of the future, as the FAO says, requires not only sustainable development but also a systemic vision of the social environment as a whole and an ethical commitment. The food systems of mountain societies and the ancestral knowledge they have inherited show ways of sustaining an increasingly populated planet with a greater capacity to generate resources.
Mountain societies and their ways of life are guarantors of biodiversity and the sustainability of ecosystems.
Gastronomy is culture, one of the main tourist ambassadors and a generator of wealth and employment.
Mountain chefs work together for:
The maximum protection of natural mountain environments in any part of the world to guarantee their sustainability.
To regulate with specific regulations the direct sales of producers and collectors to restaurants in order to facilitate local marketing, which helps to fix the population and distribute wealth.
Encourage the creation of maps of mountain products by season and geographical area and create an international quality seal for their protection.
The creation of support programmes to ensure that mountain livestock farming and agriculture have the necessary profitability to guarantee the subsistence of producers. 
Encourage research and development of processed products that bring added value to producers, gatherers and cooks.
Guarantee rural societies the same rights in terms of health, education and digital connectivity that are offered in urban environments.
Promote the return of the population to rural and mountain areas with plans and aid for the recovery of houses and villages.
The implementation of training and educational programmes to raise awareness so that the new generations assume a relevant role in the preservation of the natural environment and have a realistic vision of it and the lifestyles of its inhabitants. 
Researching and defining the geographical, climatic and cultural conditions that define the identity of mountain cuisine.
Mountain chefs are committed to:
Respect the seasonal nature of the products of our surroundings.
Highlight and value the work of local producers as guardians of their roots and heirs to the knowledge of nature.
To make mountain produce visible on the menus of our restaurants.
To preserve the legacy received in the form of recipe books and traditional gastronomic corpus, as well as to assume as part of our creative work its updating and updating. 
To use all the social awareness-raising capacity at our disposal to defend life in the villages and to make the reality and value of our mountain societies known in urban environments.


Marcel Besolí (Rest. Celler d'en Toni. Andorra la Vella, Andorra); Ana Roš (Rest. Hiša Franko**. Kobarid, Eslovènia); Francis Paniego & Jordi Grau (Rest. Ibaya*. Soldeu, Andorra); Francis Paniego (Rest. El Portal de Echaurren**. Ezcaray, España); Oriol Rovira (Rest. Les Pardines 1819.Encamp, Andorra; Rest. Els Casals. Sagàs, Barcelona, España); Óscar García (Rest. Baluarte*. Soria, España); Aníbal Criollo (Rest. Naturalia. Nariño, Colombia); Miquel Canturri (Rest. Minim's. Andorra La Vella , Andorra); Jordi Puy (Rest. Les Pardines 1819. Encamp, Andorra); Josep María Masó (Rest. Cuiner dels Pirineus); Hideki Matsuhisa (Rest. Koy Hermitage. Soldeu , Andorra); Dolors Pal & Josep Maria Troguet Ribes (Rest. Borda Raubert, La Massana, Andorra); Carles Flinch (Rest. Can Manel. Andorra la Vella, Andorra); Fina Puigdevall & Martina Puigvert (Rest. Les Cols**. Olot, España); Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casañas (Rest. Disfrutar**. Barcelona, España); Nandu Jubany & Matías Coll (Rest. Diamant Espai Gastronòmic. Andorra la Vella, Andorra); Victoria Kemerer + Pablo Pérez (Rest. Kökosnøt, Andorra la Vella, Andorra); Patricia Lorena Pérez (Rest. La Atacameña, Atacama, Chile); Albert Boronat (Rest. Ambassade de Llívia, Llívia, España); Alexis Estopiñán (Rest. Youcakes by Estopiñán, Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra); Diego Herrero (Rest. Vidocq. Formigal, Huesca, España); Nacho Manzano (Rest. Casa Marcial**. La Salgar, Asturias, España); Sven Wassmer (Rest. Memories***. Bad Ragaz, Suiza); Michele Lazzarini (Rest. Contrada Bricconi. Val Seriana, Lombardía, Italia); Gastón Acurio (Rest. Astrid & Gastón. Lima, Perú); Rebecca Clopath (Rest. Biohof Taratsch. Lohn, Suiza); Joan Roca (Rest. El Celler de Can Roca***. Girona, España); Paco Méndez (Rest. Toc Anyós Park. La Massana, Andorra); Edorta Lamo (Rest. Arrea! Santa Cruz de Campezo, Álava, España); Ngatemba Sherpa (Cocinero & Sherpa. Nepal); Paolo Casagrande (Rest. Lasarte by Martín Berasategui***. Barcelona, España); Clement Bouvier (Rest. Ursus*. Tignes, Val D’Isère, Francia); Josetxo Souto & Ramón Aso (Rest. Callizo*. L’Aínsa, Huesca, España); Joel Castanyé (Rest. La Boscana. Bellvís, Lleida, España); Benito Gómez (Rest. Bardal**. Ronda, Málaga, España); Eli Farrero (Rest. El Ventador. Barruera, Lleida, España); Albert Ventura (Rest. Coure Andorra. Andorra La Vella, Andorra); Pascal Borrell (Rest. Le Fanal. Banyuls-sur-Mer, Francia); Marc Gascons & Juan Jiménez (Rest. Bruna & Serras Collection. Soldeu, Andorra); Jordi Planes (Rest. Embotits Cal Jordi. Ransol, Andorra); Marc Mora (Rest. Andorra Park Hotel. Andorra La Vella, Andorra); Roger Biosca (Rest. L’Isard. Andorra La Vella, Andorra); José Antonio Guillermo (Rest. Odetti Bistro. Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra); Benjamín Lana (Director de Vocento Gastronomía).

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